My name is Libe and I was born in Sopelana, a small coastal town in the basque Country, in the north of Spain; famous for its beaches and surf.


I completed a degree in English Studies (former English Philology) at the university of the Basque Country. In this course not only did we learn about linguistics, but also about the culture of English speaking countries, history, etc. One of the things that struck me was something that the phonetics teacher said: “You won’t acquire the proper pronunciation of the language unless you learn it with a native teacher.” Bearing that in mind, I decided I wanted to specialize in Spanish teaching, so I took a course particularly designed to develop that academic knowledge (Curso Superior Universitario de Profesor de Español para Extranjeros ELE).

Upon academic completion, I decided to take a break, so I booked a plane ticket and set off to Australia, Pacific Islands and some countries of Asia, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, etc. During this travelling period, I needed an income and I found a great opportunity in language teaching. It was a great experience! Not only was I travelling the former countries but also my students’ home countries and previous travels! The students were employing the Spanish language to talk about something they enjoyed!


Now that I’m back in Spain, I am eager to teach the language and share our experiences. My classes are personalized to your needs and desires, whether you want real-life conversational classes with a hint of grammar and/or vocabulary; or purely grammar/ vocabulary structured classes. The choice is yours! FREE TRIAL Just let me know and I hope we can both enjoy the classes! Book a FREE TRIAL now!

Do you live in Fuerteventura?
Or, are you coming on holidays?

If you want to practice Spanish in a relaxed and friendly environment, JOIN A GROUP of other fellow students and teacher for a coffee, juice or just come around to El Cotillo and have a conversation with another person that wants to improve his/her Spanish as well. During the «lesson», I will be there to take part in the conversations as well, help with any doubt that may come up or to check if you make any mistake and leave a feedback so that you can correct it. If you prefer a PRIVATE LESSON with me, send me a message so that we can arrange it!

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